1. 04 May, 2018 4 commits
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      Copyright change in license headers · e908fd65
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      Add CDG acknowledgement to all file headers · e70b5286
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      Command line used was:
      find * -type f \( -name "*.pm" -or -name "*.pl" -or -name "*.c" -or -name "*.v" -or -name "*.vhd" -or -name "*.psl" \) -print0 | parallel -q -0 sed -ri -e 's/^([[:blank:]]*[^[:blank:]]+)([[:blank:]]+)(https:\/\/embsys.technikum-wien.at\/projects\/vecs\/fiji)/\1\2\3\n\1\n\1\2The creation of this file has been supported by the publicly funded\n\1\2R\&D project Josef Ressel Center for Verification of Embedded Computing\n\1\2Systems (VECS) managed by the Christian Doppler Gesellschaft (CDG)./g'
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      Add Solderpad license to hardware resources · f8f2b5fa
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      This includes generated files apart from the instrumented netlist.
      The latter just gets a header stating which version of FIJI generated it etc.
      Also rename existing licenses to include a .txt suffix and
      the license's version.
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      restructured hw repository part · 54bfa65e
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