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      Add version information via a file · f46cdc30
      Stefan Tauner authored
      The FIJI version string is stored in the root directory on file VERSION.
      This is used in the following places:
       - doxygen uses it as PROJECT_NUMBER (passed as an environment
         variable set by the docs/makefile picked up by the doxyfile)
       - FIJI.pm defines and exports a FIJI_VERSION constant
       - FIJIUtils.pm inserts it for all occurrances of $FIJI_VERSION$ in the about text
       - the UG and TRM show it on their cover pages
       - FIJI/VHDL.pm, Constraints.pm, Netlist.pm put it in all generated files
         (additionally also the design ID is printed where it wasn't before)
       - all "executables" report it in the first log message