Commit c4bd05ac authored by Christian Fibich's avatar Christian Fibich Committed by Stefan Tauner
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Fixed TMR VGA Makefile

parent 851729fb
......@@ -84,14 +84,14 @@ setup-launch: $(ORIGINAL_NETLIST_FILE)
@echo "Press enter to edit the fiji configuration file or enter \"s\" to skip..."
@read skipedit ; \
if [ x"$${skipedit}" != x"s" ]; then \
perl $(PERLFLAGS) $(FIJI_SETUP) --settings-file=$(FIJI_CFG_FILE) --netlist-file=$(ORIGINAL_NETLIST_FILE) ; \
perl $(PERLFLAGS) $(FIJI_SETUP) --settings=$(FIJI_CFG_FILE) --netlist=$(ORIGINAL_NETLIST_FILE) ; \
# Generate the instrumented netlist and wrapper/config VHDL files
@echo "Instrumenting for $(MODIFIED_NETLIST_FILE)"
perl $(PERLFLAGS) $(FIJI_INSTRUMENT) --fiji-settings-file=$(FIJI_CFG_FILE) \
--netlist-file=$(ORIGINAL_NETLIST_FILE) \
--file-prefix=$(FILE_PREFIX) \
......@@ -162,4 +162,4 @@ execute-random: $(BITSTREAM_FILE) $(TEST_FILE) program-fpga
-o=0.2 --port=$(FIJI_PORT)
execute-gui: $(BITSTREAM_FILE) program-fpga
perl $(PERLFLAGS) $(FIJI_EXECUTE_GUI) --settings-file=$(DOWNLOAD_CFG) --tests-file=$(TEST_FILE)
perl $(PERLFLAGS) $(FIJI_EXECUTE_GUI) --settings=$(DOWNLOAD_CFG) --tests=$(TEST_FILE)
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