Commit aecdd98c authored by Stefan Tauner's avatar Stefan Tauner
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FIJISettingsViewer: fix driver selection & validation due to early net validation

parent 189015a2
......@@ -1015,10 +1015,11 @@ sub _add_fiu_widgets {
$self->_validate_fiu_entry(1, $net_entry, 'FIU_NET_NAME', $i, @{$netname}[0]);
$self->_validate_fiu_entry(1, $drv_entry, 'FIU_DRIVER_PATH', $i, $fiu->{'FIU_DRIVER_PATH'});
} elsif (@{$netname} > 0) {
my $old_netname = $fiu->{'FIU_NET_NAME'};
$rv = $self->_validate_fiu_entry(0, $net_entry, 'FIU_NET_NAME', $i, @{$netname}[0]);
# If the new value differs from the previous one we need to do some work...
if (@{$netname}[0] ne $fiu->{'FIU_NET_NAME'}) {
$fiu->{'FIU_NET_NAME'} = @{$netname}[0];
# also, ignore the validation result because the previous one is still valid.
if (@{$netname}[0] ne $old_netname) {
$fiu->{'FIU_DRIVER_PATH'} = "";
if (defined($rv)) {
Tk::FIJIUtils::show_warning($self, $rv);
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