Commit a3a91f8e authored by Christian Fibich's avatar Christian Fibich Committed by Stefan Tauner
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Disable only if the key an entry depends on is found in the reference map.

Addresses Issue #73
parent 7fff3824
......@@ -722,8 +722,19 @@ sub _sanitize_fiu {
sub _disabled_via_dependency {
my ($map_ref, $consts_ref, $k) = @_;
my $dependency = $map_ref->{$k}->{'depends_on'};
return defined($dependency) && $map_ref->{$k}->{'type'} eq 'boolean' && !$consts_ref->{$dependency};
my $depends_on = $map_ref->{$k}->{'depends_on'};
# If we can't find the template for an entry in $map_ref, we assume
# everything's OK.
# Rationale: We would need to pass >1 different maps to cross-check
# entries defined in other maps (e.g., FIU_LFSR_MASK in the FIUMAP depends on LFSR_MASK in the DESIGNMAP)
# For an entry to be disabled by a dependency, ...
return defined($depends_on) && # ... it must depend on something
defined($map_ref->{$depends_on}) && # ... that something must be found in the map
$map_ref->{$depends_on}->{'type'} eq 'boolean' && # ... that something must be of type boolean
!$consts_ref->{$depends_on}; # ... that something must be set to false
sub _validate_hashmap {
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