Commit 81b838e1 authored by Stefan Tauner's avatar Stefan Tauner
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instrument: fix instrumentation if driver is a pin driving a single instrumented bit

parent e1bcf469
......@@ -554,8 +554,16 @@ sub instrument_net {
if ($netname->{'netname'} eq $net->name) {
$netname->{'netname'} = $net_name_tmp; # FIXME: do we need to force a re-link (by deleting $connection->nets)?
# This net is a vector if the underlying net is a bus and we do not just select a single bit
# If driver is a vector we need a vectored intermediate bus.
# This is the case if
# - the underlying net is a vector and there are no indices
# - the underlying net is a vector and there are two different indices
if (defined($net->msb) && (!defined($netname->{'msb'}) || $netname->{'msb'} != $netname->{'lsb'})) {
$driver_is_vector = 1;
} else {
# Make sure we do not output the index unnecessarily (if the driver is a single bit of a vector)
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