Commit 66cb69f2 authored by Stefan Tauner's avatar Stefan Tauner
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FIJISettingsViewer: bind ESC to cancel button in net selection dialogs

parent 62469b5a
......@@ -1592,6 +1592,7 @@ sub _select_net_dialog {
-buttons => [qw/~OK ~Cancel/],
$select_net_dialog->bind('<Return>', => sub {});
$select_net_dialog->bind('<Escape>' => [$select_net_dialog->Subwidget("B_Cancel"), 'Invoke']);
my $sel = $select_net_dialog->FIJINetSelection(-nets =>$self->{'nets'}, -selected_nets_listref=>$netname_listref, -select_multiple=>$select_multiple);
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