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TRM: note the starting point for custom execution scripts

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......@@ -174,7 +174,8 @@ All run-time communication with the \ac{DUT} works via the \ac{UART} protocol sp
The Perl implementation is split into several files.
The part filling a buffer representing the payload as preparation for sending as well as parsing the messages from the \ac{FIC} resides in \texttt{FIJI::Connection} and relies on \texttt{FIJI::AnySerialPort} to be compatible across platforms.
Its \texttt{send\_config} method allows \texttt{FIJI::Downloader} to offer various \texttt{download\_*} methods to classes further up the stack in the \ac{FIJIEE}.
Its dependency graph is depicted in \Cref{fig:Downloader_8pm__incl}.
This class would also be the one to instantiate when one would like to write a custom run-time execution script instead of using the provided applications.
The dependency graph of \texttt{FIJI::Downloader} is depicted in \Cref{fig:Downloader_8pm__incl}.
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