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\section{Installation \& Setup}
The prerequisites for running the \textit{\ac{FIJI}} fault injection toolflow are
listed in Table~\ref{tab:prerequisites} alongside the version \ac{FIJI} was
\section{\acs{FIJI} Setup Tool}
The \textit{\ac{FIJI} Setup} Tool provides a graphical user interface to
\section{Runtime Fault Injection Tool}
\section{Runtime Fault Injection}
\subsection{Command-line tool}
\subsection{Command-line Tool}
The \textit{\ac{FIJI} Download} tool is a command-line tool which facilitates
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\textbf{Note}: The pin constraints in \textit{./new\_pins.qsf} have been already created for the
final \ac{FIJI} design. In a ``real'' flow, these would be created ``on the fly'' by the
\subsection{Runtime fault injection}
\subsection{Runtime Fault Injection}
\item Download the FPGA bitstream via Quartus Downloader
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