Commit 36e12e41 authored by Christian Fibich's avatar Christian Fibich Committed by Stefan Tauner
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comment about voting over state vs outputs

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......@@ -134,6 +134,22 @@ begin
end generate;
-- Instantiate the voters
-- Note: Voting is only performed over the RGB outputs of the three
-- spriteflyer (Sprite Engine) instances. This masks errors in one
-- of the three instances which propagate to the outputs. It does
-- NOT correct the internal state of the instances. Thus, errors
-- affecting the internal state (e.g., the position of the sprite)
-- lead to a permanent difference between the instance where the
-- error ocurred to the other two. For better resilience against soft
-- errors, voting should also be performed over the state registers,
-- as described e.g., in [1].
-- [1] N. Battezzati, L. Sterpone, and M. Violante, Reconfigurable
-- field programmable gate arrays for mission-critical
-- applications. Springer, 2011.
i_voter_red : spriteflyer_voter
generic map (
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