Commit 36359672 authored by Stefan Tauner's avatar Stefan Tauner
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parent f5bd7501
find -iname "*.pl" -exec perltidy --backup-and-modify-in-place --cuddled-else --maximum-line-length=0 {} \;
find -iname "*.pm" -exec perltidy --backup-and-modify-in-place --cuddled-else --maximum-line-length=0 {} \;
tidy_options="--backup-and-modify-in-place -bext='/' -cti=1 --cuddled-else --maximum-line-length=0 --paren-tightness=2 --square-bracket-tightness=2 --brace-tightness=2 --opening-token-right --break-at-old-comma-breakpoints --comma-arrow-breakpoints=0"
find -iname "*.pl" -exec perltidy $tidy_options {} \;
find -iname "*.pm" -exec perltidy $tidy_options {} \;
......@@ -202,6 +202,7 @@ sub main {
# End the queue so the thread can die
bailout: # FIXME: this should be above the block above to join all threads... but doing that segfaults O_o
$logger->trace("=== Stopping execution ===");
return 0;
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