Commit 3350e3af authored by Stefan Tauner's avatar Stefan Tauner
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docs: move Doxyfile into subdir, refine makefile, use bigger logo

parent e148471b
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...@@ -11,23 +11,23 @@ TRM_DIR=technical_reference_manual/ ...@@ -11,23 +11,23 @@ TRM_DIR=technical_reference_manual/
# trailing / is important below # trailing / is important below
DOXYGEN_DIR=doxygen/ DOXYGEN_DIR=doxygen/
DOXYFILE=Doxyfile DOXYFILE=doxygen/Doxyfile
UG_MAIN=fiji_user_guide UG_MAIN=fiji_user_guide
TRM_MAIN=fiji_trm TRM_MAIN=fiji_trm
VIEW := "gnome-open" VIEW := xdg-open
CWD := $(shell pwd) CWD := $(shell pwd)
#FIND := $(shell find) #FIND := $(shell find)
UG_OUT := $(UG_DIR)$(UG_MAIN).pdf UG_OUT := $(UG_DIR)$(UG_MAIN).pdf
DOXYGEN_OUT := $(DOXYGEN_DIR)html/index.html DOXYGEN_OUT := $(DOXYGEN_DIR)html/index.html
DOXYGEN_PREREQS := $(shell find $(FIJI_BIN_DIR) '(' -iname '*.pm' -o -iname '*.pl' ')') ../media/fiji_logo_50x50.png DOXYGEN_PREREQS := $(shell find $(FIJI_BIN_DIR) '(' -iname '*.pm' -o -iname '*.pl' ')') ../media/fiji_logo_56x56.png $(DOXYFILE)
all: view all: ug trm doxygen
view: view-ug view-trm view-doxygen view: view-ug view-trm view-doxygen
...@@ -51,17 +51,20 @@ clean-trm: ...@@ -51,17 +51,20 @@ clean-trm:
clean-doxygen: clean-doxygen:
rm -rf $(DOXYGEN_DIR)html rm -rf $(DOXYGEN_DIR)html
ug: $(UG_OUT)
$(UG_OUT): $(UG_OUT):
$(MAKE) -C $(UG_DIR) $(UG_MAIN).pdf $(MAKE) -C $(UG_DIR) $(UG_MAIN).pdf
$(UG_DIR)$(UG_MAIN).aux : $(UG_DIR)$(UG_MAIN).aux :
$(MAKE) -C $(UG_DIR) fast $(MAKE) -C $(UG_DIR) fast
trm: $(TRM_OUT)
$(TRM_OUT): $(UG_DIR)$(UG_MAIN).aux $(TRM_OUT): $(UG_DIR)$(UG_MAIN).aux
$(MAKE) -C $(TRM_DIR) $(TRM_MAIN).pdf $(MAKE) -C $(TRM_DIR) $(TRM_MAIN).pdf
doxygen: $(DOXYGEN_OUT)
doxygen $(DOXYFILE) doxygen $(DOXYFILE)
.PHONY = clean clean-ug clean-trm view view-ug view-trm all fast .PHONY = all view view-ug view-trm view-doxygen clean clean-ug clean-trm ug trm doxygen
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