Commit 071d7b5c authored by Stefan Tauner's avatar Stefan Tauner
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Tex: don't try to be too smart regarding the .aux file

The previous version sometimes failed to rebuild a document after a
failed build attempt followed by a correct fix.
parent a87c1cc2
......@@ -20,10 +20,6 @@ fast:
@$(TEX) $(TEX_MAIN).tex
@"$(VIEW)" "$(CWD)/$(TEX_OUT)"
@$(TEX) $(TEX_MAIN).tex
@rm -f "$(CWD)/$(TEX_OUT)"
view: $(TEX_OUT)
@"$(VIEW)" "$(CWD)/$(TEX_OUT)"
......@@ -31,9 +27,12 @@ clean:
@rm -f $(TEX_OUT) $(OUTDIR)*.aux $(OUTDIR)*.bcf $(OUTDIR)*.bbl $(OUTDIR)*-blx.bib $(OUTDIR)*.run.xml $(OUTDIR)*.idx $(OUTDIR)*.ilg $(OUTDIR)*.lot $(OUTDIR)*.lof $(OUTDIR)*.lol $(OUTDIR)*.blg $(OUTDIR)*.alg $(OUTDIR)*.ind $(OUTDIR)*.toc $(OUTDIR)*.acl $(OUTDIR)*.acn $(OUTDIR)*.acr $(OUTDIR)*.out $(OUTDIR)*.log $(OUTDIR)*.gls $(OUTDIR)*.glo $(OUTDIR)*.glg $(OUTDIR)*.ist $(OUTDIR)*.brf $(OUTDIR)*.ver $(OUTDIR)*.hst $(OUTDIR)*.glsdefs
PREREQS := $(wildcard *.tex *.bib content/*.tex img/*.tex img/*.pdf img/*.png ../tex_common/*.tex ../tex_common/img/*.tex)
$(JOB).pdf: $(TEX_MAIN).aux $(PREREQS)
@rm -f "$(CWD)/$(TEX_OUT)"
# only run bibtex if there exist bib files
ifneq (,$(filter %.bib,$(PREREQS)))
@$(TEX) $(TEX_MAIN).tex
#$(IDX) $(OUTDIR)$(JOB).idx
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