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    Big refinement of FIJI settings validation · 0c9547b4
    Stefan Tauner authored
     - validate nets and respective drivers like everything else
     - load the netlist earlier (in the user scripts) to make it available while
       loading settings
     - add a FIJI::Netlist parameter to respective FIJI::Settings's functions
     - add a new type 'driver' for FIU elements to distinguish its string
       representation from nets'
     - add new net validation function to FIJI::Netlist
     - use this to make net and FIU validation more generic to simplify FIJISettingsViewer
     - refine and correct handling of the tool phases
     - distinguish fatal errors, missing fields and less important anomalies when
       validating settings depending on the phase etc
     - notify user about validation problems in more detailed messages and tooltips
     - refine FIJI::VHDL to not load settings all the time and receive parameters
       directly instead of via hashes
     - use a global constant ONLY_LOAD in fiji_setup instead of a local variable
     - add a 'show_warning' function to ease opening warning dialogs
     - various other usability/GUI-related improvements
     - allow the deletion of nets