Commit b1886213 authored by Fabio Utzig's avatar Fabio Utzig
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Fix hang when file has a size multiple of 512

When trying to write a file which has size multiple of
block_size, the last write would try to write 0 bytes
which caused the ICDI firmware to hang. Now checking and
skipping if that's the case.
parent eff6c106
......@@ -516,7 +516,12 @@ static int write_firmware(libusb_device_handle *handle, FILE *f)
FLASH_WRITE(addr, flash_block, rdbytes);
* Avoid writing a buffer with zero-sized content which can
* happen when the input file has a size multiple of flash_block
if (rdbytes)
FLASH_WRITE(addr, flash_block, rdbytes);
if (do_verify) {
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