Commit 8b6dc672 authored by Peter Stuge's avatar Peter Stuge
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lm4flash: Print error message with USB IDs if no device is found

parent 862792cf
......@@ -30,6 +30,9 @@
//#define DEBUG 1
#define ICDI_VID 0x1cbe
#define ICDI_PID 0x00fd
// Flash Patch and Breakpoint: see ARM Debug Interface V5 Architecture Specification
static const uint32_t FPB = 0xe0002000;
......@@ -407,9 +410,10 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[])
/* FIXME: should not be using this function call! */
handle = libusb_open_device_with_vid_pid(ctx, 0x1cbe, 0x00fd);
handle = libusb_open_device_with_vid_pid(ctx, ICDI_VID, ICDI_PID);
if (!handle) {
printf("Device not found\n");
fprintf(stderr, "No ICDI device with USB VID:PID %04x:%04x found!\n",
goto done;
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