Commit ed37e922 authored by Alija Sabic's avatar Alija Sabic
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Remove static make targets

parent 2e915290
......@@ -21,19 +21,19 @@ LATEXMK = latexmk -deps -jobname="$(basename $1)" $2
LATEXMKF = export TARGET=$1 && export TYPE=$2 && $(call LATEXMK,$1,$(BASENAME))
LATEXMKC = export TARGET=$1 && export TYPE="" && $(call LATEXMK,$1,$2)
all: build/ $(TARGETS)
all: $(TARGETS)
presentation: $(BUILDDIR)/ $(BASENAME)-presentation.pdf
handout: $(BUILDDIR)/ $(BASENAME)-handout.pdf
notes: $(BUILDDIR)/ $(BASENAME)-notes.pdf
$(BASENAME)-presentation.pdf: .FORCE | $(BUILDDIR)
$(BASENAME)-presentation.pdf: .FORCE | $(BUILDDIR)/
$(call LATEXMKF,$@,presentation)
$(BASENAME)-handout.pdf: .FORCE | $(BUILDDIR)
$(BASENAME)-handout.pdf: .FORCE | $(BUILDDIR)/
$(call LATEXMKF,$@,handout)
$(BASENAME)-notes.pdf: .FORCE | $(BUILDDIR)
$(BASENAME)-notes.pdf: .FORCE | $(BUILDDIR)/
$(call LATEXMKF,$@,notes)
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