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= FHTW LaTeX Document Template
Template for LaTeX document (FHTW).
== Make
You can build the main file specified in the Makefile (cf. `$BASENAME`) by issuing following command
$ make
Individual files or targets may be specified using `$TARGET`
$ make TARGET=demo.tex
$ make TARGET=resources/tex/chapter.tex
$ make TARGET=resources/figures/figure.tex
$ make TARGET=resources/tables/table.tex
Additionally, `$TARGET` may be exported to allow for shorter commands
$ export TARGET=resources/tex/chapter02.tex
$ make
$ ...
$ make
To provide additional configuration to `latexmk` use `$OPTS`.
For instance, to force build process each time issue
$ make OPTS=-gg
$ make TARGET=resouces/figures/figure.tex OPTS=-gg
The Makefile provides different targets, i.e.,
build:: Either build using file specified with `$BASENAME`, or use `$TARGET` if set.
log:: `grep` error entries of log file of `$BASENAME` or `$TARGET`.
view:: Same as build, additionally open output with a viewer (cf. Makefile, `$VIEWER`).
preview:: Same as build, additionally open output with a viewer and rebuild on demand (cf. Makefile, `$VIEWER`).
clean:: Delete auxiliary files of build of `$BASENAME` or `$TARGET`.
distclean:: Delete all files of build of `$BASENAME` or `$TARGET`.
help:: Print help instructions.
# fhtw-latex-document
Template for LaTeX document (FHTW)
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