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Added example solutions for task 6.08

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# Get the current path(s) (relevant directory on last position)
TASKPATH := $(dir $(abspath $(lastword $(MAKEFILE_LIST))))
CHPATH := $(dir $(TASKPATH:%/=%))
# Variables for text substitution
slash:= /
space:= $(empty) $(empty)
task:= task_
ch:= ch_
# Get TASK number
TASK := $(subst $(slash),$(space),$(TASKPATH))
TASK := $(lastword $(TASK))
TASK := $(subst $(task),$(empty),$(TASK))
# Get CH number
CH := $(subst $(slash),$(space),$(CHPATH))
CH := $(lastword $(CH))
CH := $(subst $(ch),$(empty),$(CH))
# Specify SRD directory
# Call superior makefile
include ../../makefile
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