Commit aa4a7b2d authored by Dominik Widhalm's avatar Dominik Widhalm
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Minor spelling mistake fix in example solution 4.13

parent c8da898f
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ void print_magic_answer (int answer) {
case 0: printf("YES, in any case!\n");break;
case 1: printf("As I see it, YES\n");break;
case 2: printf("Pretty sure YES!\n");break;
case 3: printf("Everything points to YES!\n");break;
case 3: printf("Everything points towards YES!\n");break;
case 4: printf("YES!\n");break;
case 5: printf("The answer is ambiguous!\n");break;
case 6: printf("Try again later!\n");break;
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