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......@@ -77,6 +77,28 @@ Visual Studio Code provides a Remote Development Environment using SSH to connec
You will need Visual Studio with [Java IDE Pack]( and [Remote Development Extension Pack](
Please read the [tutorial for remote development with SSH](
#### Running/Debugging Java Code remotely
You can directly run/debug the Java program remotely. In order for that the JVM must know the location of the JNI shared object. This can be configured with the
You can set the vm arguments in the launch.json file. To open it, press ```F1``` and enter ```Open launch.json```
"type": "java",
"name": "Debug (Launch)-HelloJNI<HelloJNI>",
"request": "launch",
"mainClass": "java_exercises8_1_1.HelloJNI",
"projectName": "HelloJNI",
"vmArgs": "-Djava.library.path=jni"
### Eclipse with remote system explorer
Eclipse supports remote code editing, but with no IntelliSense support.
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