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This folder holds the template and various applications using the XMC4500 RelaxKit along with uCOS3. The setup consists of the following folders/layers:
APP_XXX/ ...... UCOS3 configuration files and application code
APP_XXX/BSP/ .. application specific board support packages for UCOS3
UCOS3/ ........ the RTOS (Micrium)
XMCLIB/ ....... the low-level library for the XMC controller family (Infineon)
CMSIS/ ........ the Cortex-M4 Support packages (ARM) and the XMC register files (Infineon)
## Usage
1. copy an application APP_XXX/
2. rename the copy APP_XXX/ -> MaxMuster_TASK1/
3. click on the project -> right-click Properties -> C/C++ Build -> change the build location
4. add and test your code
5. commit and push your changes
usb_demo ...... low-level USB communication using the libUSB library
gtk_demos ..... various simple GTK+3 demo programs to illustrate the creation of simple GUIs - checkout the information in 000_docs/
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