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Update style of workflow charts

parent 7b2b88e4
......@@ -225,10 +225,10 @@
\node [lane,minimum height=6cm,below of=lane1,anchor=north,yshift=7.5mm] {};
\node (start) [start,below of=lane1,node distance=0.75cm] {};
\node (proc1) [process,below of=start] {Contact International Office};
\node (proc1) [process,below of=start] {Contact \textbf{International Office}};
\node (io1) [io,below of=proc1] {Matriculation data, course id};
\node (proc2) [process,below of=io1] {Matriculation};
\node (io2) [io,below of=proc2] {Matriculation receipt, Login information};
\node (io2) [io,below of=proc2] {\textbf{Matriculation receipt, Login information}};
\node (stop) [stop,below of=io2] {};
\draw [arrow] (start) -- (proc1);
......@@ -258,14 +258,14 @@
\node [lane,minimum height=6.25cm,below of=lane1,anchor=north,yshift=7.75mm] {};
\node (start) [start,below of=lane1,node distance=0.75cm,xshift=-2cm,yshift=0.125cm] {};
\node (proc1) [process,below of=start] {Enter login, password};
\node (proc1) [process,below of=start] {Enter \textbf{login, password}};
\node (proc2) [process,below of=proc1] {Enter enrollment key (optional)};
\node (dec) [decision,below of=proc2,text width=1cm,inner sep=0,font=\fontsize{6}{6}\selectfont,node distance=1.25cm] {> max ?};
\node (proc3) [process, below of=dec,node distance=1.25cm] {Cancel enrollment};
\node (stop1) [stop,below of=proc3] {};
\node (proc4) [process,right of=dec,xshift=3.5cm] {Show course page};
\node (stop2) [stop,below of=proc4] {};
\node (stop2) [stop,below of=proc4,yshift=-1.25cm] {};
\draw [arrow] (start) -- (proc1);
\draw [arrow] (proc1) -- (proc2);
......@@ -301,9 +301,9 @@
\node (proc1) [process,below of=start] {Participate in lectures/exercises};
\node (proc2) [process,below of=proc1] {Do assignments};
\node (proc3) [process,below of=proc2] {Do examination};
\node (proc4) [process,below of=proc3,xshift=-5cm] {Request grade certificate};
\node (proc5) [process,below of=proc4,xshift=5cm] {Issue grade certificate};
\node (io) [io,left of=proc5,xshift=-4.2cm] {Grade certificate};
\node (proc4) [process,below of=proc3,xshift=-5cm] {Request \textbf{grade certificate}};
\node (proc5) [process,below of=proc4,xshift=5cm] {Issue \textbf{grade certificate}};
\node (io) [io,left of=proc5,xshift=-4.2cm] {\textbf{Grade certificate}};
\node (proc6) [process,below of=io] {Accept course as elective course};
\node (stop) [stop,below of=proc6] {};
......@@ -366,8 +366,8 @@
arrow/.style={-{Triangle[length=2mm,width=5mm]},line width=3mm,tw-blue!40}
\node (description) [description] {\textbf{Project Topic 3:} Design and implementation of alternative input device};
\node (subtask1) [description,below of=description] {\textbf{1. Subtask:} PCB design and manufacturing};
\node (subtask2) [description,below of=subtask1] {\textbf{2. Subtask:} Case design and 3D printing};
\node (subtask1) [description,below of=description] {\textbf{Subtask 1:} PCB design and manufacturing};
\node (subtask2) [description,below of=subtask1] {\textbf{Subtask 2:} Case design and 3D printing};
\node (partner1) [split,below of=subtask2,yshift=-5mm,xshift=-0.25\textwidth] {\textbf{Partner 1}};
\node (subtask1-partner1) [split,below of=partner1] {Martin assigns for topic 3/subtask 1};
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