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# Participants
Lenka Lhotska (CVUT Praque), Brendan Jackman (WIT), Simon Bates (OCAD), Debra Satterfield (CSULB), Martin Deinhofer, Stefan Stockinger, Alija Sabic (UAS TW)
# Agenda
See presentation
# Protocol / Discussions
**Lenka**: Moodle, Schedule is good. The effort should be ok when using existing online courses. Some will be converted to online courses independently of the project.
**Brendan**: Moodle good. Effort should be ok when using existing online courses. Have program with elective streams (e.g. Automotive and automation systems, Internet of Things) which are eligible for project based courses and eLearning sharing.
**Simon**: Interesting, will show slides internally. Regarding effort: "Don't know"
# Participants
Lenka Lhotska (CVUT Praque), Simon Bates (OCAD), Martin Deinhofer (UAS TW), Aleksandar Stojmenski (UKIM)
# Agenda
* Have partners talked internally? Still interested?, Problems?
* CVUT: study program AT approved.
* OCAD: Needs more time to talk internally
* UKIM: Will talk internally and to Ivan
* Short summary of possible contribution (regarding specialization, course topics).
* Further discuss course concepts
* Inform that eLearning-Sharing should not use certificates due to administrational overkill. Students should only get login of course platform, participate and then get a grade within the learning system. The local lecturer or program leader then enters the grade to the local student management system.
* Define collaboration tools (wiki, ...)
* We will provide gitlab repository with wiki and issue tracking: **Please provide e-mail address for login**
* e-mail-addresses from aleksander, lenka, simon ok. others create later
* In case of shared editing of a document google docs or similar will be used.
* Next Meeting: Sept.: first and last week good.
# Summary of potential course contributions
Please provide a short summary of potential course contributions (topics) just to get a feeling of how the course sharing would complement or duplicate the overall expertise of a university. (Just first ideas, no commitment)
* Assistive Technologies (AsTeRICS eLearning)
* Smart Homes
* Electronics (Basics/Advanced)
* Embedded Systems (Basics/Advanced)
* 3d Printing and design, Assistive technologies (SW), Smart home softwares, Communication between embeded systems and sensors, Software development for assistive technologies, signal processing
* assistive technologies (HW and SW)
* smart home
* data analysis, signal processing
# Participants
Jackman, Deinhofer, Stockinger
# Time
13h - 14h
# Agenda
## AsTeRICS ArtLab and Demopage?
## WIT - Programs / Projects
* BSc Applied Computing with elective streams beginning in the second semester
* Elective Modules are
* IoT
* Automotive and Automation Systems
* ...
IoT stream and program students have a project in each semester eligible for virtual projects, e.g. Semester 3 or 5 coupled with BSA/AT-Project course (UAS TW)
## Create illustrative example (WIT <-> UAS TW)
## Moodle listing [](
## Open questions
* Would students have to enroll officially at the partner university for attending an eLearning course?
* If a student needs an official certificate probably yes. This would also implicate the need for paying registration fees (e.g. € 3000 / year at WIT). With ERASMUS you could probably reduce it. Nevertheless the paper work would be definitely high and the flexibility low.
* **Solution**: A solution could be to use MOOCs or courses with many automated feedback and exercises and assignments. At some courses the lecturer of the partner university might have to provide some manual feedback. This means that he/she has to do extra work which might be not paid. If this is just for 3-4 more students this should still be ok.
The student participating in a virtual course must also have a course representation (e.g. elective module) in his local study program. The students would do the exercises and assignments of the eLearning course. There must be a local lecturer which would then take the assignment results as grading base and use it as grade for the local course.
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