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......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
\title[Project Overview]{Study\acs{AT}Home Internationally}
\subtitle{Project Overview}
\author[Martin Deinhofer, Ing. MSc.]{Martin Deinhofer, Ing. MSc.}
\author[Martin Deinhofer, MSc.]{Martin Deinhofer, MSc.}
\institute{UAS Technikum Wien}
......@@ -193,7 +193,7 @@
\node [lane,minimum height=6.4cm,below of=lane2,anchor=north,yshift=7.5mm] {};
\node (proc3) [process,right of=dec1,xshift=4cm] {Matriculation at partner university};
\node (proc4) [process,below of=proc3] {Self-enroll in course};
\node (proc4) [process,below of=proc3] {Enroll in course};
\node (stop2) [stop,below of=proc4] {};
\draw [arrow] (start) -- (proc1);
......@@ -241,7 +241,7 @@
\begin{frame}{Workflow}{Self Enrollment}\vspace{-5mm}
node distance=1cm,
......@@ -261,21 +261,21 @@
\node (proc1) [process,below of=start] {Enter \textbf{login, password}};
\node (proc2) [process,below of=proc1] {Enter enrollment key (optional)};
\node (dec) [decision,below of=proc2,text width=1cm,inner sep=0,font=\fontsize{6}{6}\selectfont,node distance=1.25cm] {> max ?};
\node (proc3) [process, below of=dec,node distance=1.25cm] {Cancel enrollment};
\node (proc3) [process, below of=dec,node distance=1.25cm] {Show course page};
\node (stop1) [stop,below of=proc3] {};
\node (proc4) [process,right of=dec,xshift=3.5cm] {Show course page};
\node (proc4) [process,right of=dec,xshift=3.5cm] {Cancel enrollment};
\node (stop2) [stop,below of=proc4,yshift=-1.25cm] {};
\draw [arrow] (start) -- (proc1);
\draw [arrow] (proc1) -- (proc2);
\draw [arrow] (proc2) -- (dec);
\draw [arrow] (dec) -- (proc3);
\draw [arrow] (dec) -- node[decision label,anchor=east] {no} (proc3);
\draw [arrow] (proc3) -- (stop1);
\draw [arrow] (dec) -- (proc4);
\draw [arrow] (dec) -- node[decision label,anchor=south] {yes} (proc4);
\draw [arrow] (proc4) -- (stop2);
\caption{Workflow - Self-enrollment of student}
\caption{Workflow - Enrollment of student}
......@@ -293,16 +293,16 @@
\node (lane1) [lane] {Home university};
\node [lane,minimum height=6.6cm,below of=lane1,anchor=north,yshift=5.5mm] {};
\node [lane,minimum height=5.6cm,below of=lane1,anchor=north,yshift=5.5mm] {};
\node (lane2) [lane,right of=lane1,xshift=4.2cm] {Partner university};
\node [lane,minimum height=6.6cm,below of=lane2,anchor=north,yshift=5.5mm] {};
\node [lane,minimum height=5.6cm,below of=lane2,anchor=north,yshift=5.5mm] {};
\node (start) [start,below of=lane2,node distance=0.75cm] {};
\node (proc1) [process,below of=start] {Participate in lectures/exercises};
\node (proc2) [process,below of=proc1] {Do assignments};
\node (proc3) [process,below of=proc2] {Do examination};
\node (proc4) [process,below of=proc3,xshift=-5cm] {Request \textbf{grade certificate}};
\node (proc5) [process,below of=proc4,xshift=5cm] {Issue \textbf{grade certificate}};
% \node (proc4) [process,below of=proc3,xshift=-5cm] {Request \textbf{grade certificate}};
\node (proc5) [process,below of=proc3] {Issue \textbf{grade certificate}};
\node (io) [io,left of=proc5,xshift=-4.2cm] {\textbf{Grade certificate}};
\node (proc6) [process,below of=io] {Accept course as elective course};
\node (stop) [stop,below of=proc6] {};
......@@ -310,8 +310,8 @@
\draw [arrow] (start) -- (proc1);
\draw [arrow] (proc1) -- (proc2);
\draw [arrow] (proc2) -- (proc3);
\draw [arrow] (proc3.south) -- ++(0,-1.5mm) -- ++(-5cm,0) -- (proc4.north);
\draw [arrow] (proc4.south) -- ++(0,-1.5mm) -- ++(5cm,0) -- (proc5.north);
% \draw [arrow] (proc3.south) -- ++(0,-1.5mm) -- ++(-5cm,0) -- (proc4.north);
\draw [arrow] (proc3) -- (proc5);
\draw [arrow] (proc5) -- (io);
\draw [arrow] (io) -- (proc6);
\draw [arrow] (proc6) -- (stop);
......@@ -350,7 +350,7 @@
\node[item,on chain,join] {Shared listing of project topics (descriptions)};
\node[item,on chain,join] {Topic assignment (virtual team building)};
\node[item,on chain,join] {Collaboration of virtual teams (e.g. using \texttt{git}, shared docs)};
\node[item,on chain,join] {Indepenendent grading at home university};
\node[item,on chain,join] {Independent grading at home university};
\caption{Workflow - Main}
......@@ -428,7 +428,7 @@
% \subsection{Web}
\begin{frame}{\acs{ASTERICS}}{Web \& eLearning}
\item Development of improved \href{}{\acs{ASTERICS} Web platform}
\item Development of improved \href{}{\acs{ASTERICS} Web platform}
\item Source of Information
\item Improvement of WebACS
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