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= eLearning sharing between universities
This document describes briefly the concept of sharing eLearning courses between universities.
== Overview
In this example () we have 3 universities Uni A, Uni B, Uni C.
Imagine each of the universities manages and hosts its own courses in a local instance of a learning management system (LMS) e.g. moodle. The courses are numbered respectively A1...An, B1...Bn, C1...Cn.
.Central course listing
image::../images/elearning_course_sharing.svg[Diagram showing 3 universities and a central course listing platform.,600,100]
The universities would like to share some of the eLearning courses with other universities in a way that students from other universities can enrol into the shared course, participate at moderated sessions, do exercises and finally get graded by the foreign lecturer.
A central course listing is used to disseminate the shared courses and to make it easier for students to search for topics of interest and respective courses.
In the example shown in the image, course A2 is hosted at university A and has 3 enrolled students from university A, 1 from university B and 1 from university C.
Course C1 has 3 students from university C and 1 from university B.
== Intended workflow (student's perspective)
1. Student chooses shared course (gets login)
2. Student makes exercises and tests
3. Student is graded by partner lecturer
4. Home university accepts grade as elective course
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