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# Overview - Accessibility of learning material
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# Overview - Accessibility of learning material
People with disabilities are excluded from studying due to non-accessible learning material/documents and learning platforms used.
They use Assistive Technology (AT) to operate electronics devices (e.g. computer, smartphone), documents and web pages. In order for that, documents and web pages must be authored accessible and usable for them and the used AT.
# Document types
Typically the following document types are used for learning materials.
* MS Word
* MS Powerpoint
* pdf
* [Latex](
* Web
* Web pages, Blogs, ...
* Learning management systems with rich (interactive) content: [moodle](,...
In case of Latex contents must be converted to an output format (e.g. .pdf, .html) to be usable by the reader.
# Content types
Content can be of different type, e.g.
* Text
* Image
* Chart
* Audio
* Video
* Formula
* ...
# Accessibility masterlist
The [accessibility masterlist]( is a good starting point for the categorization of technologies helpful for certain types of disabilities.
# Overview - Formats and technologies
The table below shows a mapping between document types, standards and technologies.
|Document type |Standards |Technologies (authoring) |Technologies conversion |
|--- |--- |--- |--- |
|pdf |[pdf/UA]( |[Tools]( | |
|doc(x) | | Office 365 integrated | |
|ppt(x) | | |Office 365 integrated |
|Web|WCAG, WAI-ARIA, ...|||
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